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Poseidon was created from a passion for sport fishing and the wonders of the sea.
The fish-filled seas of the North of Sardinia provide tremendous excitement for those who practice this sport.
The exclusive nature of Poseidon’s services are the result of its privileged position.
The two logistical bases are to the East at the Cala Capra Marina located between Palau, Cannigione and Porto Cervo, an excellent starting point for exploring the waters as far as the Straits of Bonifacio and to the North at the tourist port of Isola Rossa, a famous fishing village and the ideal place from which to set off for a fishing trip to the Golfo dell’Asinara.

Poseidon also guarantees a service from all the ports on the North Sardinia coast with an additional cost for longer trips. We can come to you at whichever port you are at and start the day fishing together in Northern Sardinia, without any further travelling.

We take care of everything!

Our sport fishing centres in Sardinia at Cala Capra Marina and Isola Rossa will organize your fishing day on our luxury boats,  starting with equipment and bait as well as fuel and also preparing a good lunch which will be served on board. You only need to let yourself be taken to the fish-rich waters by our professional and friendly crew.


With the prestigious boats of the Poseidon fleet, our trained crews will take you on exciting sport fishing and deep sea fishing trips that you will remember as memorable highlights of your holiday in Sardinia. We will navigate breathtaking waters teeming with fish from the Golfo dell’Asinara in the North to the Costa Smeralda in the North-East.

The best sport fishing equipment will be available for you to perfect your favourite techniques and make the experience both fun and relaxing:

Light bottom fishing: ideal for those who enjoy spending time on the water and enjoying the sea, especially the clearest and most transparent near the Island of La Maddalena and the Costa Smeralda. Light bottom fishing is perfect for catching  sea bream, tanute, sargo, parago and gilt-head bream.

Deep bottom fishing: pleasant  seabeds off the coast of Sardinia and Corsica are populated by groupers, curlews, sea bream, John Dory, rock lings and many more.

Inshore trolling:  a refined technique which in the waters of Northern Sardinia can give great satisfaction through  catching amberjack, snapper, sea bass, barracuda, bonito and occasional tuna.

Big game: deep-sea fishing is a more challenging and stimulating technique for experienced fishermen. In deeper waters off the coast of Sardinia and the Straits of Bonifacio you can fish for tuna, albacore, dolphin fish and dorado. The charm of this technique is in the pursuit of prey as trophies and often you return empty-handed but happy after having enjoyed some spectacular sightings….

Drifting: this is an absorbing technique. The seas between North Sardinia and the Strait of Bonifacio are rich in currents which give satisfactory catches of giant tuna, swordfish and kingfish. The secret of this technique is the patient wait often cheered by a little light drifting or a glass of wine. You won’t be bored!

Vertical Jigging: one of the latest techniques practiced by sports fishermen, simple and with limited equipment. It’s a technique reserved for true sportsmen because it is very tiring but gives great results.

You can choose the most suitable techniques and even novices can count on Poseidon Fishing to get closer to the sport of fishing and enjoy a thrilling adventure on the seas of Northern Sardinia.

Activities and training courses

Poseidon Fishing offers  a range of different customizable formulas, for an exciting and enjoyable fishing trip in Sardinia that will make your holidays unforgettable.

Poseidon Fishing organizes fishing days in the North of Sardinia with coaching by experienced anglers with a deep knowledge of the sea and with whom you can share your passion and your experiences.

For the more adventurous, or for those who want to fully enjoy a weekend on the prestigious Poseidon boats, we organize all inclusive” fishing weekends. These are the ideal formula with which to dedicate yourself to the sport and relax aboard a yacht facing the unique scenery of the islands of La Maddalena, or the wilder ones at Isola Rossa.

Another fascinating activity that Poseidon offers is Whale watching. Our boats will accompany you to the waters inhabited by whales, sea turtles, dolphins and tuna. This activity consists in observing several of the species at first hand that inhabit the unique sea bottoms of the La Maddalena Archipelago and the Straits of Bonifacio.

The Sport Fishing training courses that leave from the port of Isola Rossa, between Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura are also very interesting. These are dedicated to examining the various techniques of fishing; ideal for beginners or those who want to discover and learn more. The personalized training and fishing courses for groups of  4/5 enthusiasts are also entertaining as well as being particularly interesting

Sail with us on the waters of Northern Sardinia

Luhrs 360 Open

Mako 284

The Mako 284 is a fast American sports fishing boat designed to easily and safely reach the best fishing areas. Equipped with two modern 300 horsepower engines, it is the perfect compromise between a manageable boat and a higher performing and more demanding demanding one. It has a large cockpit and all onboard comforts such as washbasins, a large livewell, electric bow motor, professional instrumentation and heads.
With this boat there are no limits for any type of fishing.
It also offers comfortable seating and ample bow cushions for moments of relaxation.


Length 9 m
Beam 3 m
Weight 8.818,49 pounds
Engine power 2 x 300 hp Suzuki
Capacity 6 passengers
Facilities toilet and washbasins

Riviera 4000 off-shore

Riviera 4000 off-shore

Spacious and stable 14 metre boat with an elegant, sporty design. The high level of  stability and the spacious cockpit with captain’s chair make it suitable for any type of deep-water fishing. This model too features  the most sophisticated fishing gear and electronic equipment available on the market.


Length 13,60 m
Beam 4,46 m
Weight 11.500 Kg / 25.300 pounds
Engine power 2X 480 Hp Cummins
Capacity 12 pax
Berths 4


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